International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

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Teachers’ reflections of their rationale for teaching consumer sciences at secondary schools of Swaziland
Pages: 01-07  
The managerial role and organizational responsibilities of chief executive officers of public schools in Sri Lanka
Pages: 08-15  
Development of problem based learning based student worksheets to improve student learning outcomes in Poigar 1 public middle school
Pages: 16-20  
प्रेमचन्द के उपन्यासों में पारिवारिक समस्याओं का चित्रण
Pages: 21-22  
Real estate sector reforms in India: A study
Pages: 23-27  
Religious television viewing and impact on political behavior
Pages: 28-32  
Religious television viewing and its impact on religiosity of people
Pages: 33-37  
Sociological study of computer facilities in rural schools in Sri Lanka
Pages: 38-40  
Effect of Circannual rhythm on selected physiological variables among Kashmir collegiate students
Pages: 41-43  
सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना की कविता के नयापन का विश्लेषण
Pages: 44-46  
The governance of taman pinteryogyakarta as non-formal education institution in digital era
Pages: 47-52  
Epidemiology and prevention of oral cancer
Pages: 53-54  
Globalization and Peace education
Pages: 55-56  
Use of ICT in teaching: Learning
Pages: 57-58  
Rabindra Nath Tagore: An eminent thinker educationist
Pages: 59-60  
Women’s rights movement: The achievements of the last century
Pages: 61-69  
श्रीकांत वर्मा की आरंभिक कविताओं की जीवन दृष्टि
Pages: 70-72  
Role of E-learning in higher education
Pages: 73-75  
Effectiveness of the application of cooperative learning models of think pair share type in the subject of environmental pollution based on student learning motivation on science learning outcomes in class VII SMP Negeri 10 Manado
Pages: 76-78  
Effectiveness of application of group investigation learning model on the subject of excretion systems based on interest in learning towards class VIII science learning outcomes in SMP Negeri 10 Manado
Pages: 79-81  
Effectiveness of form of assessment and learning style on students learning achievement in phisics of class XI IPA AT SMA Negeri 1 Airmadidi
Pages: 82-87  
अद्वैत वेदान्त दर्शन की तत्त्वमीमांसा डाॅ. मुकेश कुमार
Pages: 88-90  
जैन दर्शन में बंधन और मोक्ष का सिद्धांत
Pages: 91-92  
यूनेस्को का गठन, उद्देश्य, कार्य एवं उपलब्धियाँ
Pages: 93-94  
Comparative analysis of the effects of self-directed learning (SDL) strategy and simulation technique (ST) on students’ knowledge retention in social studies at upper basic 11 in kogi east education zone
Pages: 95-103  
Differences in the use of problem based learning and discovery learning models of student learning outcomes based on critical thinking ability of students
Pages: 104-109  
मनोज दास की कहानियों में माटी की महक
Pages: 110-113  
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