International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

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Exploitation of mineral resources: its impact on environment in Nauru, pacific island and international Law
Pages: 01-11  
An analysis of trends in literacy, differential literacy and spatial pattern of literacy rate in Haryana state, India
Pages: 12-16  
Scientific instrumentation used for the evaluation of physical education and sport science
Pages: 17-21  
The role of mass media in public administration
Pages: 22-23  
Research on teaching quality evaluation method in MOOC
Pages: 24-30  
प्रतिमा विज्ञान में सूर्य
Pages: 31-32  
Influence of teachers position during lecturing sessions for health science students
Pages: 33-34  
Cutaneous botryomycosis: A case report
Pages: 35-36  
The companies act 2013: A the Oretical study of new provisions
Pages: 37-40  
A case study of application of operations research and quantitative techniques in real life situations
Pages: 41-45  
पर्यावरण शिक्षाः क्या और क्यों
Pages: 46-47  
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