International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

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A Differental Study of Anxtiety among Pupil-Teachers during Teaching Preparation
Pages: 01-02  
An Exploratory Study on the Factors that Influence the Adoption of Internet Banking With Reference to Select Commercial Banks in Saurashtra
Pages: 03-07  
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Pages: 08-11  
Hkkjrh; yksd dkO; dk Lo:i
Pages: 12-14  
Comparative study on selected anthropometric variables among university men sprinters, throwers, jumpers and long distance runners
Pages: 15-19  
jhok ftys ds xaxso fodkl[k.M esa ek/;fed Lrj ij dk;Zjr foKku oxZ ds iq:"k ,oa efgyk f'k{kdksa dh f'k{k.k vf/kxe {kerk dk rqyukRed v/;;u
Pages: 20-22  
Effects of Yoga practice on Motor Ability Components among Inter collegiate Cricket and Football players of BITS, Pilani K. K. Birla Goa Campus Deemed University team
Pages: 23-25  
;z:[es gzikph ;fGnkuko L fJfsjk;e gfog/y
Pages: 26-27  
Teacher Education: Problems and Suggestions
Pages: 28-30  
Analysis of collective efficacy factors of volleyball player
Pages: 31-35  
Effect of different intensity of circuit training and detraining on peak expiratory flow rate
Pages: 36-40  
Self-concept among state level & north zone inter-versity Kabaddi players
Pages: 41-42  
Effect of yogic practices on vital capacity
Pages: 43-45  
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