International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

Vol. 1, Issue 9 (2016)

Perception of radiographers on performing intravenous contrast media administration

Author(s): Norhayati Mohd Zain, Noor Hidayah Abu Bakar, Noraitul Fatihah Md Amin
Abstract: The advancement of imaging modalities increase the number of examination and lead to the market demand of radiographers. College of Radiography has outlined a developmental framework to perform intravenous (IV) injection in the code of professional conduct in which radiographers are encouraged to develop their professional roles. The role advancement will benefit radiographers in terms of enhancing personal fulfillment, job satisfaction and career. Thus, this study was conducted to assess the perception of radiographers on performing intravenous injection of contrast media. This cross-sectional study which used simple random sampling was conducted around 18 private hospitals in Peninsular Malaysia, involving 110 respondents with length of experience of more than one year. A total of 63.6% are willing to perform venipuncture injection if appropriate training is given. Independent chi-square test yielded significance in relationship between the educational level and willingness of radiographer to perform venipuncture (p>0.05). Majority are willing to take this extra task as their responsibility since they believed that it would improve the departmental flow and reduce patients waiting time. As a conclusion, a special training may be proposed before giving the task to them to improve their medico-legal protection.
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