International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

Vol. 1, Issue 5 (2016)

Educational scenario in Indian context: Access & Quality

Author(s): Dr. Baiju K Nath
Abstract: Educational Scenario in India have a very long tradition since, the vedic period. The technological boom, in the recent years open wide range of possibilities in educational scenario of present and future. Exploring the infinite opportunities of technology for education, empowerment and employment will be the immediate task of educators. Devices and communication facilities of good quality ensure a promising future in this regard. The peculiarity of Indian context is that, we have bullock carts and satellites one and the same time. The technological strength our nation is so diverse and rich. The most important constraint in adapting and adopting technology in different realms of education is linked to our vision of education. The philosophy of the nation determines the nature of education, here, amidst of various philosophies prevailing it is so complicated to determine the nature and priorities of education in a country like India. The educational context in India is highly complicated and structured. Learning is generally perceived as taking place only when teacher and students assembled together with some textual content, teacher always standing in front, whatever is the level/course of study, etc. A situation demands study is only when an examination is announced, is another common trend in learning. Positive systemic changes are necessary to remodel the pattern of education, nature of courses, curriculum, and procedure of evaluation at all levels. Need changes into a student directed, job specific continuous learning, which require less importance to physical attendance, and more emphasis to in-field experiences. Nature of course delivery, significant assessment procedure transparency in curriculum design and transparency in evaluation, and admission needs extensive improvement by utilizing digital technology.
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