International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research

ISSN: 2455-4588

Vol. 1, Issue 5 (2016)

An evolution of distributors’ marketing intelligence system (DMIS) among FMCG distributors: A conceptual frame work

Author(s): Thangaraja A
Abstract: The need for information in order to implement successful marketing activities has dramatically huge and becomes inevitable for any organisation which is engaged in customer oriented business. The contemporary view of competitiveness and strategy is based on the foundation that customer value is created by firms working together for common aims and not created by firms working in isolation. This is achieved only by the integrated informational arena. The impact of competition in the business environment has compelled many organizations to turn around and start scanning the environment for information, so as to have competitive edge over other similar organization within the industry. This research work is initiated with a view to understand the significance of marketing intelligence in terms of distributors. In many sectors, industries, some distributors act only as a delivery man whose task is to take orders and replenish the stock. Other promotional activities are undertaken by the organisation itself. Some distributors are doing promotional activities and other marketing tasks on par with the dictation of the company. This study is focused on developing a concept of Distributors’ Marketing intelligence System (DMiS) that is derived from various review of literature.
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